Patented Carry-On Luggage Design

SeatKaseLong lines and crowded airports have created a need for more seats. The SeatKase Luggage has been designed to fill that need by allowing your carry on bag to also act as a portable seat. This is made possible with spring-loaded locking wheels that work automatically. The locking wheels keep the SeatKase Luggage from rolling out from under you when you tip forward. It is very user friendly, simply sit on top of the SeatKase Luggage and your weight overcomes the spring pressure and the wheels lock. When you want to go just stand up and the springs unlock the wheels and you are ready to roll.

The SeatKase Luggage also can be used as a portable computer-station if you have a seat available. The flip-top seat flips back and makes a convenient spot to rest your laptop. Your laptop sits at a restful angle that makes it much more comfortable to use your computer.

New security rules regarding liquids have made going through security a bit more frustrating. The SeatKase Luggage has a liquids pocket on the front that is perfect for holding a quart sized bag. It is so easy to pull your liquids bag out and to put it back in as you process through security.

parts-diagramThe SeatKase Luggage has a very high quality double action trolley handle that has 5 different height selections. This gives a sure bet that you will find your comfortable personal height as you pull your SeatKase Luggage along. One of the height selections is at 3 inches. This allows you to use your trolley handle as a lifting handle for moving short distances and for stowing the SeatKase Luggage.

The SeatKase Luggage is a standard sized piece of carry on luggage. It measures 22 inches high by 14 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It is lightweight at 9 lbs. It is available in 3 colors, RED, BlUE and BLACK.

The SeatKase Luggage is a very well crafted piece of luggage with a very attractive outward appearance. Ballistic Nylon makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. The wheel and wheel housing are made with nylon which make for a strong and long lasting wheel base.

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