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Makes a great gift

Luggage built to sit on

The Future of Carry on Luggage!

Flip top seat becomes a computer stand

Why stand when you can sit?

"Very Functional, A Good Value - I love using the SeatKase!"
Chris Erskine - LA Times
"A good bag and a great price!"
David M Rowell -
The Travel Insider


"I have been able to take a seat rather than stand around on many occasions. I will not buy another carry on luggage that I can't sit on"
Scott Gregory - Chief Mate Crowley Maritime Services Seattle, Washington

"High quality product. Works excellently! I use it all the time."
Mike Panaggio CEO - DME Daytona Beach, Florida

"The SeatKase is a great product. It comes in very handy. My wife ordered one as soon as she saw mine, she loves it!"
Ed DeChenne - Sales Manager Jugs Pitching Machines Tualatin, Oregon

"The SeatKase is a quality piece of luggage. It's features work great! I was able to use it for my computer during a 2 hour delay. It really helped."
Jeri Riggs - General Manager Hotel Vintage Plaza Portland, Oregon

Think of the times you could use a seat in the course of your travels when there are none available.

  • Waiting in line for a ticket
  • Long and slow moving security lines
  • Waiting for a full flight at the boarding gate
  • Picking up your luggage
  • Waiting for a taxi or shuttle
  • Standing in line to check in at your hotel, etc…

How nice would it be to have a computer stand instead of your lap? Why not use SeatKase?

See the SeatKase in greater detail and explanation on the Order and Features pages.

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